Executive Summary

There are over 5M businesses in the US that are required to be compliant with HIPPA.

Compliance is typically an expensive and complicated process that has driven 60% of the industry to “take their chances” of not getting caught.

However, the consequences can be devastating as according to IBM and Ponemom Institute’s 2019 study, “Healthcare organizations had the highest costs associated with data breaches, over 60 percent more than the global average of all industries.”

Large Hospitals spend millions of dollars per year pursuing compliance yet make up only .6% of the covered entities in the US.

How can medical practices, dentists, clinics, rural hospitals and other smaller providers possibly afford to “do the right thing?”

Cyber Trust Alliance and the CEBA Risk Management platform, provide a comprehensive compliance solution at an affordable price for organizations of all sizes. CEBA combines an elegant user interface, with AI and Virtual Telassessment technology to provide cost effective, robust risk management at scale to address the needs of the other 99.4% of the market.

We challenge you to “get caught doing the right things” and let CEBA help you tell your compliance story.

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