Who We Are

Cyber Trust Alliance (CTA) provides achievable and affordable compliance solutions to healthcare organizations nationwide.  Utilizing our CEBA Risk Management software and proprietary Virtual Telassessment methodology, Cyber Trust Alliance is committed to helping you protect your patients’ ePHI, pursue HIPAA compliance and remediate conditions which could lead to cyber security breaches and hefty non-compliance fines.

CTA works with security, privacy and technology partners nationwide to provide turnkey compliance services including

  • risk assessments
  • training
  • business associate management
  • policy templates
  • remediation
  • centralized storage and documentation of all due diligence.

We continue to expand our network of service providers through the training and licensing of our proprietary CEBA software and telassessment methodology.  Through these partnerships, we are able to control costs, scale and expand delivery capabilities, and reduce the burden of regulatory mandates that challenge the healthcare ecosystem.

Our customers’ successes have both solidified and magnified the strength of the Cyber Trust Alliance network.  The trust our clients place in us drives us to be more than a vendor . . . like a doctor proactively cares for her patients to keep them healthy; everything we do is focused on preparing and protecting you, your patients, and your practice.

Mission statement

Cyber Trust Alliance helps organizations, and their third party vendors assess, manage and track compliance with regulatory initiatives. Utilizing our proprietary virtual Telassessment technology, CEBA Risk Management software, and national Partner Network, Cyber Trust Alliance makes compliance achievable and affordable for businesses of all sizes. We hope you’ll let us help you “get caught doing the right things” and let CEBA record your compliance story.!

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