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What is HIPAA Risk Assessment?

The HIPAA security rule requires organizations to annually perform a thorough risk analysis and assess their network, software, hardware and physical environment for security vulnerabilities and correct any security violations that can put your patient’s ePHI (Electronic protected health information) and patient’s privacy at risk.

HIPAA Risk assessment is the act of conducting a thorough analysis of the organization’s network, software, hardware and physical environment to detect potential vulnerabilities that can lead to ePHI data theft/leaks. Disobedience of this requirement can lead to heavy fines, damage to your organization’s reputation and patient’s mistrust. As a healthcare organization, it is your duty to protect the privacy of your patients. Cyber Trust Alliance is here to assist you by conducting a detailed risk assessment in correspondence with HIPAA rules and regulations.

Lack of organization-wide risk analysis is the most common and costly HIPAA violation. Conducting a regular risk assessment will allow you to detect your organization’s vulnerabilities and remediate them before they are exploited by attackers or discovered by regulators and can protect you from costly fines. With our innovative assessment methodologies, Cyber Trust Alliance is here to make this process as seamless and easy as possible.

Why Cyber Trust Alliance for Risk Assessments?

At Cyber Trust Alliance, we know how important your patients and their privacy are to you. And because your patients are important to you, they are important to us. Using our TelAssessment technology, our trusted security engineers will construct a thorough assessment plan according to your business needs. At the end of the assessment, Cyber Trust Alliance will provide you with a detailed report about your network, software, hardware and physical environment vulnerabilities along with remediation recommendations.

How Can You Manage Your Remediation Tasks?

When your organization is being inspected by compliance authorities, conducting risk assessments alone is not enough. Regulators may request evidence in the form of documentation or proof of remediation, as well as tracking previous risk assessments. With our compliance software, CEBA (link), tracking and managing your remediation activities, proof and documentation is easy!

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Cyber Trust Alliance Risk Assessment Framework for HIPAA Security Privacy and Breach Compliance.

Policies and Procedures

Perform a gap analysis of required policies and procedures – based on the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) protocol.

Business Associates

Review Business Associate Agreements with vendors and let CTA assess and review their compliance for you.


Assess and document the hardware, software, configuration, policies and practices that make up the foundation of your business.


Let CEBA train your team and track and record the results for you.

Vulnerability Assessment

CTA scans your network for vulnerabilities on a quarterly basis and provides reports for remediation.

Phishing Assessment

Phishing assessments reveal how susceptible your team is to social engineering attacks that can lead to data breaches. CTA performs these on a quarterly basis.

Policy Management

CEBA requires clients to review and approve all policies on an annual basis, which also triggers a review and acceptance by all employees to ensure all are aware of current policies.

Physical Security

Let our audit team accompany you on a tour of your facility via our Tel Assessment appliance. Live streaming video and photographs allow us to assess and document the experience as part of the assessment process.

“It is critical that entities take a comprehensive and thorough approach to assessing and addressing the risk to all of the protected health information they maintain. Entities must have comprehensive policies and procedures for compliance with the HIPAA Rules, but also the policies and procedures must be clearly communicated to and implemented by all workforce members”

Jocelyn Samuels

Former Director Office of Civil Rights

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