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What are Phishing Attacks?

Phishing is an attempt to obtain sensitive information by an attacker impersonating a trustworthy entity. Typically the attack is conducted via an email that appears to have been sent from an entity you trust, such as Microsoft or other companies you work with.  The message will prompt you to click on a link that leads you to a website that requests your username and password. This is a way for the attacker to gain your credentials and get access to your systems, often containing sensitive information. Evaluating how susceptible your organization is to such attacks is extremely important and can help you recognize your organization’s weaknesses and mitigate them before a real attack occurs. It can also help you train your staff on how to avoid being fooled by any such emails in the future.

Malware Attack Simulations

Cyber Trust simulates malware attacks by combining phishing with custom malware samples that can be delivered via email, downloaded from the web, or uploaded from mobile storage devices. Through these simulations, you will witness firsthand what types of information could be exposed in an attack, who would be effected, and how widespread the damage might be. While effective, Cyber Trust’s malware simulation is non-intrusive and will not interrupt your normal daily business operations.

Hyperlink Scenario

Templates that ask users to click on a link in an email. Those who click the link will be redirected to a landing page where they can enter confidential information.

Mixed Scenarios

In this test we combine Data Entry & File-Based templates to invite users to enter confidential information on the page and execute the downloaded file.

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