• CEBA Risk Management

Managing HIPAA compliance has never been easier.

CEBA, our HIPAA compliance software, will centralize your HIPAA related activities into one, easy to use interface, to help you in managing your organization’s HIPPA compliance, remediation activities, policies and procedures and HIPAA training across multiple locations. Click here to read about CEBA’s many additional features and begin your path to HIPAA compliancy.

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  • Risk Assessment and Compliance Services

Annual HIPAA security risk analysis is required by law under the HIPAA security rule.

And yet, lack of security risk analysis is the most common HIPAA compliance shortfall. This is due to the complexity, time and high cost associated with HIPAA compliance. With decades of experience, Cyber Trust Alliance is committed to providing you with simple, cost efficient, comprehensive analysis of your security vulnerabilities.

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Additional Services

  • Penetration Testing

Fully Understand the Threat Against Your Organization

At Cyber Trust Alliance, protecting your organization from data leaks and security breaches is of utmost importance. With our experienced security specialists and our innovative testing methodologies, we will assess your network, software, and hardware throughout, to determine the likelihood and potential impact of a breach. Let CEBA reduce the burden of compliance so you can focus on caring for your patients.

Start securing your data today!

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  • Vulnerability Assessments

Ensure you always have visibility into the security threats facing your organization

Do you have a proactive security program? As your organization changes with implementations of new systems or updating existing applications…

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  • Phishing Assessments

Put Your Security to The Test and Simulate Realistic Cyber Attacks!

Anyone in your organization can be a victim of phishing attempts. A successful phishing attack can have devastating results, and put your employees, patients, and your reputation at risk. Based on your organization’s needs, Cyber Trust Alliance will simulate a realistic phishing attack and provide you with a detailed report on how susceptible your organization is, and how you would have been affected in a real-life scenario. Cyber Trust Alliance will also provide training programs for your team to minimize phishing threats.

Learn more about our phishing simulator!

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