Cyber Security Insurance

Cyber Security Insurance Alexandra Bretschneider from JKJ uncovers the reality of cyber security insurance. She shares about what it is and the benefits included, and why it is such a necessity in our current day and age. She shares, “ransomware attackers don’t want your data, they know you want your data…it’s about what you’re willing to […]

Patch Management

Patch Management Jeremy Molnar and Jeremy Sadler share about what patch management is and why it is so crucial to implement into your systems, as well as how to do so.

Compliance for Healthcare – Doesn’t my IT Firm handle that?

Compliance for Healthcare – Doesn’t my IT Firm handle that? In this webinar, Hans De Froy leads a discussion about IT firms and their role in compliance. You may think your IT firm is taking care of all your compliance needs, but Hans, a vCISO with years of experience, shares that that’s not the case, […]

Vendor and BA Management

Vendor and BA Management In this webinar, the PrivaPlan Associates team share about the importance of managing your vendor and Business Associate relationships. This is a proactive way to protect your organization and work towards compliance success.