Andy Hart

Andy Hart is a principal at Hart Advisory Services LLC, a consulting firm that enables entrepreneurs to take their idea from conceptualization to market. Andy enjoys working with accelerators and incubators to mentor and guide new entrepreneurs in the development of their product, team and vision. He has over 30 years of experience in hardware, software, and cloud services along with diverse roles from engineering to product marketing and is able to provide a unique perspective on what is required to take an idea, create a product and launch it into the market.

Prior to starting Hart Advisory Service, Andy served as CTO for a global managed payroll company, product marketing evangelist for a enterprise software firm, director of software development for an enterprise software development company, and was a senior director and architect for the first and largest successful labs as a service training platform in the industry.  Early in his career, Andy was a member of a team that developed RADARS, SODARS and performed signal analysis for industries and governments worldwide.


MSEE University of Texas at Austin

BSEE University of Texas at Austin



Pragmatic Marketing